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Project Holland Fonds

Activities & Scope



Project Holland Fonds is a creative, supportive investor in listed and mature unlisted companies.

Project Holland Fonds was founded in 2009. The fund aims to support companies by providing them with capital, advice and assistance in capital market transactions, M&A activities, Investor Relations and Corporate Governance issues. 

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Project Holland Fonds invests in companies with a strong underlying growth potential, often in a position of undervaluation. We focus on companies looking for a flexible capital provider to support growth or optimize their balance sheet structure.

Project Holland Fund is more than just a shareholder.

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Since its first transaction in 2009, Project Holland Fund has achieved excellent results with a wide range of investment techniques, instruments and transactions. The transactions are usually tailored to the specific situation and needs of the company. Investments are usually linked to funding transactions for corporate or M&A purposes. In all cases, the activities seamlessly fit with Project Holland Fonds' investment themes.

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In recent years, Project Holland Fonds has proven to be an active, flexible and creative partner for the Dutch business community. Our funding transactions are tailored to specific situations. A selection of cases illustrate Project Holland Fonds' potential.

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