About Project Holland Fonds

project-holland-fonds corporate.jpgProject Holland Fonds was founded in 2009 en closed in 2016. The fund aims to support companies by providing them with capital, advice and assistance in capital market transactions, M&A activities, Investor Relations and Corporate Governance issues. Project Holland Fonds is an active, non-hostile and long-term shareholder. The fund endeavours to realize a good return on investments for its investors.

Fund size and underlying investors

Project Holland Fonds started in 2009 with a fund size of more than EUR 200M. Its underlying investors and initiators are Delta Lloyd and Rabobank.

Project Holland Fonds has a focused portfolio, which allows us to build in-depth knowledge of various companies, activities and relevant markets. We have proven our strength in selecting and analyzing potential investments. Our transactions and investments create high added value for companies and generate additional (shareholder) value. Until closure of the fund in 2016, it realised a market outperforming return.

The added value of Project Holland Fonds

Project Holland Fonds supports companies by:

  • Providing capital;
  • Optimizing their balance structure;
  • Structuring and executing complex capital market transactions;
  • Underwriting capital market transactions;
  • Supporting M&A transactions;
  • Advising on Investor Relations and Corporate Governance related topics.

Investment team

Project Holland Fonds' Investment Managers are Hidde Hartelust, Felix Oberdorfer and Bart Timmer. They all have many years of relevant experience and have proven to be successful in:

  • Selecting and analyzing Dutch listed companies;
  • Structuring and executing complex capital market transactions; 
  • Providing advice for and executing M&A transactions.

Planned investments are always submitted for approval to Project Holland Fonds' Investment Committee. The Investment Committee consists of three independent members:

  • Hans ten Cate, former member of the Board of Directors of Rabobank Groep;
  • Dolf Collee, former member of the Board of Directors of ABN Amro Bank;
  • Ron Icke, former CEO of USG People.