Investor in high quality Dutch companies

project-holland-fonds dialoogProject Holland Fonds invests in companies with a strong underlying growth potential, often in a position of undervaluation.

We focus on companies looking for a flexible capital provider to support growth or optimize their balance sheet structure. Project Holland Fonds is more than a shareholder.

Our team is also available to act as an active and supportive shareholder role to create value for the company and its stakeholders.

Investment focus

  • Dutch listed companies with a market capitalization of up to EUR 1B; 
  • Dutch unlisted companies for which an IPO may be a logical step in their future development.

Investment headroom

  • Project Holland Fonds invests up to a maximum of EUR 50M in a company. We aim for a stake of 5-30% in the issued shareholder capital;
  • We invest in both equity and equity related financial instruments;
  • We do not have a sector preference but do not invest in the financial services and real estate sectors;
  • Project Holland Fonds has a focused portfolio of usually no more than 10 stakes.

Investment philosophy

  • Realizing above average returns by:
  • Focus on companies with high-quality activities;
  • Focus on structural growth themes within the company;
  • Focus on undervaluation or special situations;
  • Value creation by successful operational management;
  • Value creation by providing support in the area of balance sheet restructuring, M&A activities, Investor Relations and Corporate Governance;
  • We hardly ever trade in our stakes and have a long-term investment horizon.


Initial Public Offerings

Project Holland Fonds also invests in companies aiming for an IPO within 12-18 months. An IPO can be a valuable step for a company and its stakeholders. It may provide them with access to the capital market and generate liquidity. In addition, the company can use its listed shares as a means to fund acquisitions. Based on our extensive expertise, we can actively support the entire IPO process. We do not perceive the IPO as selling point, but as a starting point for a long-term listed investment.

Open dialogue with companies and advisors

We prefer an open dialogue with the companies we are (potentially) investing in. We like to participate in discussions about strategic topics and related funding needs. If desired, we work with a non-disclosure agreement. If possible, we work with other professional investors with a long-term horizon, and we are always open to ideas and suggestions from consultants and advisors.