Examples of Project Holland Fonds' investments

In recent years, Project Holland Fonds has proven to be an active, flexible and creative partner for the Dutch business community. Our funding transactions are tailored to specific situations. The cases below illustrate Project Holland Fonds' potential.

DPA Group NV – Project Holland Fonds supports DPA in balance sheet strengthening, growth funding, acquisition strategy and corporate governance improvement

DPA-ProfessionalsDPA Group offers high quality temporary secondment for specialized professionals in specific fields and markets. As a labour market intermediary with a strong brand name, DPA stands out by its long-term relationships with clients and in-depth knowledge of their markets.

Project Holland Fonds (PHF) supported DPA by providing capital for autonomous growth and by funding the key acquisitions of NIG, Benkis and Fagro through direct equity investments, bridge funding and underwriting of public share issues. In addition, PHF supported the company in structuring capital market transactions, optimizing the balance sheet structure and executing M&A activities. PHF played a role in improving DPA's corporate governance, which was a prerequisite for the success of DPA's growth strategy.  

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Dockwise Ltd – Project Holland Fonds actively supports the company in structuring and funding several transactions

project-holland-fonds dockwise-big-footDockwise is the global market leader in marine transportation and installation activities of very large and heavy objects, mostly for the oil and gas industry. Dockwise has a fleet of 25 semi-submersible transport vessels.

Project Holland Fonds (PHF) supported Dockwise by providing capital through several tailored transactions. PHF co-funded the balance sheet restructuring, as well as the take-out of the former largest shareholder. In addition, PHF funded the construction of the new transport ship 'Vanguard' and the acquisition of competitor Fairstar. PHF was actively involved in structuring these transactions and supported them by providing funding commitments and underwriting guarantees. After Boskalis had announced an indicative public offer for Dockwise, PHF publicly questioned the level of the bid. This was one of the reasons why the bid was raised. The acquisition of Dockwise by Boskalis was finalized in April 2013. 

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Ordina – Project Holland Fonds supports a comprehensive refinancing for Ordina


Ordina is a leading ICT services provider in the Benelux offering ICT expertise and capacity in the form of secondment, fixed projects and application management for (mainly) large organizations in the industrial, financial services, government and health care sectors. Ordina applies broad technology expertise (a.o. SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Java) to a variety of business issues. Ordina stands out by its innovative approach to important topics such as security, mobile, social media and big data.

Project Holland Fonds (PHF) supported Ordina in structuring a tailored capital market transaction facilitating optimization of its balance sheet structure. In this transaction PHF invested in fresh equity through two direct issues and provided a full underwriting on a public rights issue. Also, PHF executed a flawless divestment process of its 24.6% interest through two transactions in 2014.

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